Back to school!

by Scott Roehl

What a summer here in Manitoba. The weather was warm, the Jets have come back and there were hardly any mosquitoes! But as summer gives way to the fall, another school year of university and college starts up. New beginnings, renewed energy and even light at the end of the tunnel for those students graduating this coming year. It will be another great year!

Over the summer I took a bit of a hiatus with this blog but with the new school year, I am looking forward to contributing regularly and answering your questions. Along the way I have some interesting posts to share (hopefully they will be of interest!) and new interviews with Manitoba CMAs who are making a positive impact on organization’s in Winnipeg, across Canada and around the world. As one of the guiding principles for establishing this blog was to expand on common questions I get from students, rest assured I will continue to answer these questions on this blog.

Students, welcome back and all the best for the upcoming year!





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