Reality Check: Learning Doesn’t End at Graduation

by Scott Roehl

As I write this, students at various post-secondary institutions are busily involved in final examinations. For some, this time signifies the end of a journey; the end of studying, exams, papers, group projects. It’s Graduation time!

Hold on a moment.

Don’t get mad at me for being the messenger of bad news. Certainly it is important to take time to celebrate the achievement of graduating. It is a time to reflect on the journey and recognize those that have helped you along the way. But the end of studying and learning? Not so fast.

Reflecting upon my own graduation from university, I recall the last thought on my mind was going back to school or embarking on some sort of research to determine what I was going to learn next. I wanted to get as far away from books as possible and focus on other interests that I had put on hold while going to school. 

However, during that period of my life and ever since, I’ve come to respect and appreciate the importance of a commitment to continued learning. You need to take some time to look at the long-term. Where am I at now? What skills and knowledge do I currently possess? Where would I like to be in 10 years? What sorts of specialized knowledge or further training will I require in pursuit of my goals? These types of questions are not always easy to answer but are worth the time to consider.

Part of differentiating yourself is your belief in and commitment to life-long learning. Development will further enhance your knowledge and skill set to not only be a subject matter expert, but a positive contributor in your organization and community. 

So graduates, enjoy the celebration and time to re-charge your batteries! But don’t forget, learning doesn’t stop after your last exam.




2 Comments to “Reality Check: Learning Doesn’t End at Graduation”

  1. Nice, hip hop hooray for the grads who will give “learn to earn” a new perspective, I’ve always liked learning so to be able to refresh, recharge and apply new things I’ve learned in the workplace is the most diverse setting you can have mind-wise. 🙂 LOve it

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