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June 1, 2012

Update: A Look From Within The CMA Program

by Scott Roehl

Back at the beginning of the year (January 9, 2012 to be exact), I wrote a post that introduced three individuals who are currently at different stages in completing their CMA designation. With summer quickly approaching, it is a good time to check back with them for an update.

  • Adrian Ong (CMA Student – 18 Month Accelerated Program)
    “Hard work, diligence and self-discipline remain to be the basic components of effective learning. Make sure to have done all the assignments before attending classes. As much as possible attend real time webinars and participate actively in discussions.”
  • Jarrod Falk (CMA Candidate, Year 2 – Strategic Leadership Program)
    “Be an active participant throughout your SLP experience. Push yourself in the interactive sessions. Your moderators and classmates are an incredible resource at your disposal. Engage them and learn from them to make yourself a better student, employee and person.The road ahead of you may seem long but the things you will learn will enrich your career for your entire life. Don’t forget to take some time, step back, and appreciate the incredible journey you are on.”
  • Jennifer Lee (CMA Candidate – CMA Executive Program)
    “Leadership is multi-faceted, requiring an ability to maintain a strategic focus while simultaneously communicating that vision in a manner to which all can relate. Incorporating strategic governance, ethics, risk and performance, leadership also requires a strong understanding of team dynamics and the motivating factors that compel personnel to achieve organizational goals.”

Click here to read a Question & Answer interview with each participant.

April 18, 2012

Reality Check: Learning Doesn’t End at Graduation

by Scott Roehl

As I write this, students at various post-secondary institutions are busily involved in final examinations. For some, this time signifies the end of a journey; the end of studying, exams, papers, group projects. It’s Graduation time!

Hold on a moment.

Don’t get mad at me for being the messenger of bad news. Certainly it is important to take time to celebrate the achievement of graduating. It is a time to reflect on the journey and recognize those that have helped you along the way. But the end of studying and learning? Not so fast.

Reflecting upon my own graduation from university, I recall the last thought on my mind was going back to school or embarking on some sort of research to determine what I was going to learn next. I wanted to get as far away from books as possible and focus on other interests that I had put on hold while going to school. 

However, during that period of my life and ever since, I’ve come to respect and appreciate the importance of a commitment to continued learning. You need to take some time to look at the long-term. Where am I at now? What skills and knowledge do I currently possess? Where would I like to be in 10 years? What sorts of specialized knowledge or further training will I require in pursuit of my goals? These types of questions are not always easy to answer but are worth the time to consider.

Part of differentiating yourself is your belief in and commitment to life-long learning. Development will further enhance your knowledge and skill set to not only be a subject matter expert, but a positive contributor in your organization and community. 

So graduates, enjoy the celebration and time to re-charge your batteries! But don’t forget, learning doesn’t stop after your last exam.




July 4, 2011

5 tips for presenting ideas – Teachings

by Scott Roehl

5 tips for presenting ideas – Teachings from the ad world (via Terry O’Reilly – @AgeOfPersuasion) >

April 14, 2011

Something ventured, something gained – A student perspective on case competitions

by Scott Roehl

When I began taking business courses in university, I quickly discovered that there was almost an endless list of ways to “get involved”. One of the unique opportunities available for students that takes learning beyond the classroom is participation in case competitions. Depending on the competition, it can be individual or team-based and you can even find yourself competing against teams from other universities.

Beyond the competitive nature of being able to demonstrate a variety of skills and knowledge, there is plenty of opportunities to forge friendships with other students and learn from each other. To really bring this last point to life, a University of Winnipeg Student (Darrell) shares his perspective after competing in the February 2011 GAAPS Conference and Case Competition:

Now that the 10th annual GAAPS conference is behind us I must say that GAAPS is in fact much more than a case study and when I think about it the actual case may be secondary to other happenings. Friendships were made, knowledge was shared, good times were had and winners declared.

Why did I register for GAAPS? Because I’m planning to major in accounting and then pursue an accounting designation I imagined there must be some sort of advantage gained by participating in GAAPS. In fact there are many advantages gained by participating in GAAPS including the opportunity to meet and learn from peers, the chance to develop presentation and case study skills as well as free dinners.

Months before the competition my teammates and I began studying accounting cases provided to us by our professor. I must admit that many of the cases we studied contained topics that were greater than my own skill as an accounting student. Three heads are better than one; my teammates would often crack the case and open up some of the possibilities, afterwards I was able to realize what the case portrayed and add ideas and analysis of my own. Therefore on many occasions I would have a steep learning curve to overcome but when it came time to present our analysis I felt quite comfortable and understood most of the problems presented in the case.

Our preparation really paid-off when it came time for GAAPS and we ultimately got to present in the final round of the competition. In the end, it was a delight to earn third spot in the competition! I felt as though the competition was well organized and judged accordingly. All in all it’s just another page in the story of my life, something ventured and something gained.

If you have ever thought about getting involved in a case competition, take action and get involved. You won’t regret it!

Thanks again to Darrell for sharing his case competition experience.