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April 2, 2012

These students are “smart cookies”

by Scott Roehl

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This week I am grateful to once again be a volunteer external examiner for RRC’s Business Administration Entrepreneurship Practicum (EP) presentations. A few weeks ago, I was provided a business plan for an intriguing venture that has developed a concept around delicious cookies. I am looking forward to the team presentation this week!

What is the Business Administration Entrepreneurship Practicum?
Students who are in the final year of the Business Administration program have to complete the Entrepreneurship Practicum. As described in the outline provided to examiners, “the purpose of the assignment is to provide an opportunity for the students to develop and demonstrate business related skills such as research, report writing, time and project management, networking with the business community and self-directed teamwork.” Groups consisting of ten or more students spend the year applying course knowledge by developing a business plan for a fictitious venture.

How are the business plans judged?
The Entrepreneurship Practicum assignment consists of a final written business plan to be submitted as well as an oral presentation before an External Examiner Panel. External examiners are primarily made up of members from the business community who volunteer their time to read and grade the business plan as well as provide helpful suggestions after the presentation. Feedback from the examiners contributes towards final grades in the course.

Why do I volunteer as an external examiner?
If you have ever created or reviewed a business plan, you know how much time and effort is required to development one. I am consistently amazed at the hard work, commitment and creativity displayed by the students to complete this assignment. It is no small feat especially with most students being enrolled in a full course schedule and the struggles that exist to align schedules to meet as a group regularly. I am pleased that RRC offers a course like this as entrepreneurship is an important driver for our economy in Manitoba. Whether students plan to launch their venture or simply meet the requirements for a learning exercise, the lessons learned will serve them well in to the future. And quite honestly, how could I not learn from these talented students? It is a rewarding experience for all involved.

Thank you to Taras Wasyliw, Entrepreneurship Course Leader, and all of the Entrepreneurship Course Instructors for the opportunity to participate again this year.

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