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November 4, 2011

Want a job? Be careful what you post.

by Scott Roehl

Social media has quickly transformed the landscape of how we connect with one another and access information. Through this rise, it has also been interesting to watch the effect it has had on hiring practices. Many companies now use social media channels to promote new job opportunities or to seek out potential candidates. The other side of this trend is that many employers now use these very same channels to review candidates (numbers vary depending on the study but I have seen some very high percentages of employers who acknowledge they review candidates on social media sites).

This post is not meant to support or condone these practices nor will I debate the issue of privacy with what you post online. The reality is whether you like it or not, employers will very likely use social media to review whether you are a suitable fit for their organization. The choice becomes whether you as a student completely ignore this fact or realize that you have to take responsibility for what you post.

The graphic I reference above (credit Kashmir Hill) points to some of the reasons surveyed employers did not hire a candidate after searching them through social media. Even with privacy controls, consider that online there is no guarantees of privacy. Be mindful and careful on what you share as it can live on for a very long time and even impact future employment.